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  • £45.00

    3D printed vase made in London. My inspiration was to create a vase with interchangeable accessories. The rings around the top slide on and off and can be changed, stacked in various ways and replaced.

    Colours may vary slightly from photographed as I struggle to always get the exact same printing filament. But the colours will be very close.

    Vases are printed with PLA which is a vegetable-based plastic material, often made of cornstarch.  Yes, vegetables!

    The vase is not water tight and because it is printed with a vegetable based plastic it rapidly absorbs water which will damage the vase. Each vase includes a glass insert. Please use the glass insert for flowers that need water.

    Dimensions: 20,5cm high x 10cm at widest point.

    Orders are shipped via tracked royal mail or courier 1-3 days after being placed.