Who makes MOAT happen?

It’s me, Robyn

Moat has moved from Cape Town to London.

Hey all, my name is Robyn. After finishing college, almost 10 years ago, I founded Zana Products with my mom. I have spent the last number of years designing, marketing, shooting, drawing and bringing Zana to life online.

During the first lockdown I felt really inspired to make something outside of the textile realm, which I have been in for so long. This is when Moat came to life. I started off making candles then slowly branched off into 3D printing which is my main focus now. The space where the two things I love meet, decor and tech. All Moat items are made by me (or should I say the robot on my table) in my home.


If you want a behind the scenes look at my creative process working on Zana, Moat and other brands follow my instagram.